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Welcome to Rapid Results Training™, where we believe in the *superpower* of The Inner Mind Game. Our simple online course can transform your life and help your clients achieve *Rapid Results* and reach peak performance levels *That They Crave*.

We're also talking about Confidence Building, Motivation, and even changing those pesky unwanted behaviors including Transforming Habits for Effective Weight Loss.


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1st and foremost people buy emotionally i.e. easily obtained results ASAP. Training, coaching, and nutritional advice are secondary as we then intellectually justify the reason to buy and this is known as a feature


Furthermore, marketing coaching, training, and nutritional advice are often likened to selling the invisible, presenting an inherent challenge. Rapid Results Training™ overcomes this barrier by creating a tangible framework.


So. what will your clients think when they too become aware of the following? (Scientific References are available here for your peace of mind)


🚀You can Boost Performance: with a 2-minute inner mind game exercise. Witness a 25-50% performance boost that you too can demonstrate to your clients. See it in action below.


💪 The mind-altering truth behind the inner mind game. Research indicates an incredible 35% surge in strength is possible—an endorsement of the incredible power of mental prowess, just like honing physical strength.


🏆 Olympic-Grade Techniques: Olympic athletes dedicate 75% of their training time to their minds, resulting in astonishing outcomes.


☀️ Weight Loss: Employ simple pattern interrupts to reshape your client’s response to food, activating change in the critical ½ second before conscious awareness (inspired by Libet's Delay).💪🏋️


💡Rapid Results Training™, also covers Confidence Building, Motivation, and conquering those stubborn pesky unwanted behaviors.


Take the first step towards a brighter future today! Join us now!

🚀 Boost Performance by 25-50 % with a 2-Minute Exercise -See it in action here:


This exercise isn't just about numbers; it's about experiencing firsthand the incredible potential of your mind and body working together.

*You'll be able to demonstrate this with your clients during consultations*, leaving them amazed and motivated to reach their fitness goals.

💡The Big Idea

In this *two-minute* video, a neuroscientist explains the immense power of your imagination.
Drawing from the principles of neuro-linguistic programming, we use techniques that can help individuals harness their imagination for *accelerated results*, breakthrough muscle memory and frustrations, and further increase motivation and achieve *peak performance*.

💪Brain Gym/Educational Kinesiology

We also draw from Brain Gym / Educational Kinesiology
A study was undertaken to investigate the effect of Brain Gym/Educational Kinesiology on manipulating skills and balance.
This practice includes simple physical movements that correspond to the brain, known as balances.
The results showed a significant difference in the Standing Stork Test, dynamic balance, and performance level of manipulating skills between the experimental group and the control group.

☺️Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT)

We also borrow from EFT.
By using Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), you can help yourself to change those *negative thoughts into positive ones*.
As Henry Ford famously said,Whether you think you can, or think you cant, youre right.
With EFT, you can restructure your thinking and open up new possibilities for yourself. EFT works by stimulating energy meridians, *similar to acupuncture*, through tapping on specific acupressure points.
This helps to unblock the energy, allowing you to relax and reframe negative thoughts into more positive, productive ones.

Your 21-Day* Online Course Includes...

Here's a very comprehensive list of what you'll get access to:

(You Can Also Check Out Case Stories Here)


Module 1 -The Inner Mind Game

To kick things off, we set really solid foundations and focus on the importance of active listening, gathering information from clients, and establishing realistic and achievable goals.

We also provide a comprehensive guide on selling Rapid Results Training™, including effective client communication strategies and two enlightening exercises that effortlessly showcase its efficacy.

Experience the value of Rapid Results Training™ as it unfolds naturally within this module.

Value $100


Module 2  Changing Behavioral Patterns - Including Transforming Habits for Effective Weight Loss

In 1983, Benjamin Libet conducted experiments (See References) that seemed to demonstrate a limited aspect of our free will, challenging conventional notions. He showed that we possess a form of "free won't," indicating that we can halt an action once it has commenced. However, we lack conscious control when it comes to the initial impulse behind the action.

In essence, by using simple pattern interrupts, we can alter our response before it progresses beyond the limbic region of our brain, preventing the formation of the action or emotion

In other words, you can employ simple pattern interrupts to reshape your response to food, activating change in the critical ½ second before conscious awareness (inspired by Libet's Delay-See Scientific References).

Value $900


Module 3 - Visualization

Visualization is an effective technique that involves imagining oneself carrying out a specific activity with all senses. It is used in sports to perfect an athlete's performance by guiding them through several stages

Value $900


Module 4 - Stress Control & "The Zone"

Learn to help your clients to manage their stress effectively and gain a significant advantage over their competitors and also find out how to enter "The Zone"

Value $700


Module 5 - Goal Setting

Learn the crucial skill of setting and achieving goals including...

The Art of Dual Training: Embracing the Journey and the Destination.

The key to dual training is finding joy in both the journey and the destination. By fostering self-awareness, focusing on the present moment, and the positives of effort, thereby harnessing the reward power of dopamine, your clients will not only achieve their goals but also experience a rewarding and fulfilling training process. The end goal becomes a cherished postcard from an incredible experience.

Value $500


Module 6 - Confidence

This module explores the direct link between confidence and performance, and how your clients can develop a positive mindset through techniques like recall and visualization. By focusing on past successes and recent training performances, your clients can overcome negative beliefs and emotions that may be holding them back. It's important to strike a balance between confidence and adrenaline and to emphasize personal growth and improvement rather than comparing oneself to others.

Value $700


Module 7 - Triggers

Trigger words are specific words associated with an emotion, while trigger moments are significant moments in an athlete's/sports performer's routine or ritual that can be utilized to access the right attitude and emotion needed for optimal performance

Value $500


Module 8 - Self-Talk

Learn how self-talk can be an effective form of auto-suggestion for your clients, and how negative self-talk can become a self-limiting belief that holds athletes and sports performers back. Various techniques to counter this include...

Overcoming the voice of self-doubt and limitations - The mechanics

In life, many people sense that there is more they can achieve and offer, but self-doubt and limitations hold them back. This feeling arises from the ego, which seeks to maintain a familiar identity and safety. However, by understanding this mechanism and listening to your intuition, you can break free from the confines of self-doubt and embark on a transformative journey towards self-realization and reaching your fullest potential. Embrace the process, and you'll find a harmonious alignment with your true nature and newfound strength within yourself.

Value $600


Module 9 The Power of Suggestion

The power of suggestion is where the phrase "I put a spell on you" comes from. The word "spell" actually comes from the Old English word "spellian," which means to talk or speak

Just as a magician can use spells to influence their audience, sports performers and athletes can use the power of suggestion to enhance their performance.

Value $900


Module 10 - BurnOut

Burnout is a common issue among athletes due to prolonged pressure and stress, and it can result in lack of motivation, fatigue, disrupted sleep patterns, and declining performance. Learn techniques to combat it

Value $300


Module 11 - Motivation

Learn a technique to boost motivation and maintain it throughout your training and competition

Value $300


Module 12 - Correct Eye Movements for The Right Action

Learn about the correlation between eye movements and the mind, and discover how athletes and sports performers may be looking in the wrong place for the correct action, as well as how to correct this issue.

Value $900


Module 13 - Focus of Attention

How To Focus And Ignore Distractions

Value $500


Module 14 - Anxiety V Excitement

This module gives a technique to reframe anxiety as excitement by focusing on the potential positive outcomes of a situation rather than the negative possibilities.

Value $500


Module 15 - Brain Gym and Educational Kinesiology for Sports Performers and Athletes

Brain Gym and Educational Kinesiology are movement-based techniques that can help sports performers and athletes. Learn how to improve their performance by optimizing their brain and body function.

Value $900


Module 16 - Rehabilitation from Injury

Learn how you can aid in the healing process and facilitate a quicker return to physical practice for your clients

Value $500


Module 17 - Emotional Freedom Technique

Emotional Freedom Techniques can be a valuable tool for sports performers and athletes. By tapping on specific acupressure points while focusing on negative emotions or limiting beliefs related to their performance, athletes can release emotional blocks and improve their mental and physical performance.

Value $900


Module 18 - Maximizing Performance by Managing Arousal Levels

The module of "Maximizing Performance by Managing Arousal Levels" involves understanding the delicate balance between being too stimulated and not being stimulated enough, and utilizing different approaches for different tasks

Value $700


Module 19 - The Power of Emotional Agility: How to Shift Your State at Will

Discover the Benefits of "Power Posing": Change Your Emotional State and Boost Confidence

Incorporating the "fake it until you make it" approach, power posing has been found to have measurable effects on hormones and stress levels. Recent research shows that both men and women can increase testosterone by 20% and decrease cortisol by 22% through this technique. Additionally, by using a simple mind trick, you can further alter your emotional state and improve your overall outlook

Value $700


Module 20 - Pain Control

The mind and body are connected, and techniques such as suggestion, visualization, and self-talk can be used to control pain in sports. However, caution must be taken when managing pain in sports, and athletes should always consult with coaches and medical experts before implementing any pain control techniques.

Value $500


Module 21 -  Endurance

Proven strategies to build endurance and improve performance

Value $400


Module 22 - Golf

A special module dedicated to golfers as many of my clients played golf even it was not their preferred sport that they consulted me on

Value $900

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*The course consists of 21 modules. While it is suggested to aim for one module per day, in which case the course can be completed in 21 days, the actual time it takes to complete the course may vary depending on individual circumstances and learning style.

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