"Unlock the Power of the Inner Mind Game:

Elevate Success, Prestige, and Happiness, While Attracting Your Ideal Clients!"


Hi, I'm Freddie Pateman, the developer of Rapid Results Training™.

Throughout my life, I have always been in business. At one point, I even had a team of 30 individuals working under me.

While I enjoyed the challenges and successes that came with this work, I always felt like there was something missing. I wanted to pursue something bigger than myself, something that would allow me to continuously learn, grow, and give back.


So, I made the decision to change track and explore new opportunities.


So after much study, I qualified as a psychoanalyst, hypnotherapist, psychotherapist, NLP Master, Educational Kinesiolgist.......

I then founded *The Confidence Clinic* on Harley Street, London, over 20 years ago and have helped many sports performers and athletes achieve their goals along the way.


Today, I'm excited to bring proven methodologies to help you achieve the same success.


With Rapid Results Training™, I use simple techniques to help you become a top performer and achieve recognition in your industry too.


Take a second…

Imagine being a leader and recognized expert in your field, receiving congratulations and admiration from your peers and loved ones...

How does it feel?

That's the level of success, confidence, and happiness that we aim to help you achieve.


As a Business Growth Development Expert.....

I understand that it can be challenging to sell intangible services like training. But with Rapid Results Training™, you can differentiate yourself from the competition and attract new clients who are looking for tangible results.


In fact, some of the world's leading sportspeople have attributed their success to using NLP techniques, which we incorporate into our training.


Join us today and let us help you unlock your full potential. With Rapid Results Training™, you can achieve the success, confidence, and happiness you deserve.


Harley Street London – And A Link To My Website From 20+ Years Ago *The Confidence Clinic*

     Click on the picture. It will take you to a website. This website shows all website histories. It therefore shows my website from 20+ years ago.


The Latest Incarnation Can Be Seen At http://www.the-confidence-clinic.com

Psst… Have we been *officially* introduced?

Hey friend, I’m Freddie

I’m a down-to-earth, straight-edge, easy-going guy. I take great pleasure in socializing with friends and family.

I have a big dog that looks like a bear, that loves going out in my 1960s classic open-top sports car, and of course, it’s a treat for me too.

Would it be a ridiculous idea to join us now?

Let the adventure begin

Freddie Pateman