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đź’ˇ"Unite with Us Now to Skyrocket Your Client Attraction"


đź’ˇ"Slash Costs for Client Acquisition!"


đź’ˇElevate Your Professionalism, Prestige, and Esteem

How Long Will It Take To Complete The Course?

The course consists of 21 modules. While it is suggested to aim for one module per day, in which case 21 days.

The actual time it takes to complete the course may vary depending on individual circumstances and learning styles.


How Can I Seamlessly Integrate These Techniques into My Coaching  Training Or Nutritional Advice Sessions?


Whether you prefer on-the-fly applications or are considering setting up a dedicated office space, we understand the importance of practical implementation. Our comprehensive course equips you with the tools and insights needed to effortlessly integrate these transformative techniques into your practice.

Discover the strategies to empower your clients and unlock their true potential for unparalleled success.


Is Rapid Results Training™ Considered Therapy?

No. NLP, Coaching  EFT Tapping/Educational Kinesiology which we draw from differ from therapy because they start with a belief the client is OK, well, and whole, and simply wants some help moving from where they are now to where they would like to be


How Do You Recommend Starting With Clients After Taking The Course?

Post-Course Guidance: Getting Started with Clients

After successfully completing the course, I highly recommend taking a gradual and systematic approach with your clients. Start by thoroughly assessing their specific challenges and identifying the most suitable techniques from your newfound repertoire.

Take the time to familiarize yourself with each technique, ensuring you feel confident and well-prepared before implementing them in your programs.

To complement your one-on-one sessions, consider recording personalized audio sessions tailored to your clients' needs. These recordings serve as valuable reinforcement tools and can be a convenient source of support, even outside your physical presence.

Additionally, you might explore the option of setting up a dedicated office or establishing a home workspace. Having a designated environment can enhance focus and create a conducive atmosphere for deeper client engagement.

Remember, embracing a steady and structured approach will empower you to make the most of your acquired skills, nurturing profound transformations in your clients' inner mind game and driving them towards rapid and lasting results.


What Is The Recommended Number Of Sessions To Help Clients Align With Their Goals?

Typically, at least 6 sessions are required to overcome unconscious resistance and achieve alignment with their goals. However, I generally suggest 8-12 sessions, which most clients find helpful. Of course, it may be ongoing

This recommendation serves as a guideline and may vary depending on the client's unique situation


Is It Possible To Obtain A Certificate Of Completion?

Certainly. Please send us a request. Prior to issuing the certificate, you will be required to complete a questionnaire.


What Types Of Payment Do You Accept?

There are two payment options available: Paypal or credit/debit cards through Paypal. Please note that we do not have access to your payment details.


How Much Is The Rapid Results Training™ Course?

Kindly visit our homepage. for information regarding the discount, value, and cost breakdown



Are There Specific Qualifications Needed For Working As A Personal Trainer Or Coach?

Yes, meeting the necessary industry qualifications is essential before you can use those titles to describe yourself. This program is an additional certification that can be pursued after obtaining the foundational qualifications.

You do not need prior qualifications to become a Rapid Results Trainer™