Initial Consultation:

Tom approached me for coaching to help him regain his confidence and improve his performance on the field. During our initial consultation, we discussed his goals, motivations, and any limiting beliefs that might be holding him back. Tom revealed that he has been experiencing negative self-talk recently since he lost his form

Techniques Used:


Brain Gym –

I used brain gym to help create rapport by mirroring Tom's movements during the workout, while also helping him set a specific goal


Focus Awareness Technique –

I relaxed Tom down and focused his mind


The Power of Suggestion -

I used the power of suggestion to help Tom imagine himself achieving his football goals. This technique is used to create a positive mental image of the desired outcome, which in turn helps to build confidence and belief in one's abilities

The power of suggestion is where the phrase "I put a spell on you" comes from. The word "spell" actually comes from the Old English word "spellian," which means to talk or speak


This highlights the fact that words are incredibly powerful and can have a significant impact on our thoughts, feelings, and actions


Just as a magician can use spells to influence their audience, sports performers and athletes can use the power of suggestion to enhance their performance. By choosing their words carefully and using positive language, they can create a mindset that empowers them to achieve their goals and perform at their best

“Words and magic were in the beginning one and the same thing, and even today words retain much of their magical power.”

― Sigmund Freud, Introductory Lectures on Psychoanalysis



The Power of Emotional Agility-

How to Shift Your State at Will - To help Tom build confidence and motivation, I incorporated the "fake it until you make it" approach, namely power posing. Power posing has been found to have measurable effects on hormones and stress levels. Recent research shows that both men and women can increase testosterone by 20% and decrease cortisol by 22% through this technique. Additionally, I trained his mind to focus on positive experiences and emotions, which helped him to stay motivated and confident in all areas of her life.


Visualization Technique -

I used the visualization technique to help Tom slow down the moment before he took a shot on goal. This technique helped him focus his mind and visualize the shot before he took it. By slowing down the moment and visualizing his actions, Tom was able to increase his confidence and accuracy during games.

The Metaphor of William Tell

I used the metaphor of William Tell, a legendary archer known for his accuracy and focus, to inspire Tom to improve his skills. This metaphor encouraged him to visualize his shots hitting the target accurately and consistently.


Reframing -

I helped Tom reframe his negative self-talk by using positive language and focusing on his strengths. By identifying his skills and successes, we were able to boost Tom's confidence and motivation toward improving his game.



Over the course of several coaching sessions, Tom practiced the visualization technique diligently, worked on his negative self-talk, and improved his mindset. He reported feeling more confident and in control during games. His accuracy and confidence in front of the goal improved, and he was able to score several goals during his matches. By using these techniques, I was able to help Tom overcome his limiting beliefs and create a positive mindset toward his game. Together, we were able to help Tom achieve lasting change and improve his performance as a football striker.


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