Welcome to Rapid Results Training™, where we harness the incredible power of The Inner Mind Game to transform lives, unlocking the path to achieving Rapid Results and peak performance.


At Rapid Results Training, we understand that the journey to success begins by first understanding your clients' goals, problems, and personal history. Your initial consultation is the key to unlock their potential. Let's explore how mental training can have a profound impact on achieving results:


Did you know that mental training alone can lead to a remarkable 35% increase in strength? Olympic athletes dedicate 75% of their training time to harnessing the power of their minds for astonishing results.


Our approach is more than just fitness; it's about confidence building, motivation, and transforming unwanted behaviors. The thoughts you think serve as a blueprint for your mind and body to work together, triggering both physical and emotional responses.



Now, let's dive into a demonstration to illustrate how your body reacts to your mind's commands.Tell your client:


Close your eyes and picture yourself holding a big, juicy lemon. Bring it close to your nose and inhale deeply, savoring that distinct lemony scent. Now, squeeze the lemon hard, allowing lemon drops to burst onto the surface. Stick out your tongue, lick off the lemon, and then open your mouth wide, shoving the lemon in. Start biting down on it, sucking and chewing on the flesh, noticing the taste and texture. Swirl it around in your mouth as you chew, savoring the lemon's flavor. When you're ready, open your eyes.


Here's a question for you: Did you start producing saliva during this exercise? If your answer is yes, remember that the lemon was merely a creation of your mind. It's a vivid example of how your body reacts to your thoughts and imagination.

But we have something more to explore. (Make sure you have a wall that you can calibrate to where someone is pointing.) Now, extend your right arm towards me (pointing and demonstrating this to your client - watch the video on my home page) and swing it behind your back as far as it can go. Take note of where your client ends up pointing to. Tell your client where it ended up and get them to agree. Now, bring your arm back to its original position.


We're going to embark on a visualization exercise. Close your eyes, take a deep breath, and let your arms rest by your sides. Pay attention to your breathing. Now, imagine you're playing a game. Tell your mind that you're going to extend your arm a third further than before, but do this in your imagination. Feel the pleasant sensation in your body as you imagine this stretch, and if you can't imagine just imagine you are imagining.

Imagine all the muscles in your right arm becoming super flexible like cooking pasta like they're made out of rubber. Imagine turning again in your minds eye but much much further than before


Now, open your eyes, extend your arm towards me, and say out loud, "I'm super flexible, and I'm going to go a third further." Swing your arm back and observe what happens.


So, what happened there? This exercise showcases the incredible power of the mind to influence the body's physical capabilities. It's a glimpse into the potential for change and growth that we can tap into during your training journey.


How to close

Ask -Is it a "Is it a ridiculous idea to...book etc.?"

The effectiveness of asking a close-ended question like "Is it a ridiculous idea to...?" lies in its ability to subtly challenge preconceived notions or objections while simultaneously inviting a response. This approach encourages individuals to reflect on their initial skepticism and articulate their concerns, providing an opportunity to address their doubts and potentially lead them toward a more open-minded perspective.