Working With Athletes & Sport Performing Clients

When working with athletes or clients in the sports industry, it is vital to prioritize active listening and gathering relevant information from them.

These individuals are the primary source of information for Rapid Results Trainers, as they possess specialized knowledge of their sport and the physical, mental, and emotional requirements needed for success. Through conversations, athletes may even unintentionally disclose areas of concern, making it crucial to listen carefully.



As Rapid Results Trainers, our role is to facilitate and utilize the information we receive from our clients. Our clients are the experts in their respective sports, with a better understanding of the psychological and emotional demands of their practice at different stages. Encouraging clients to read specialist magazines that feature articles by sports psychologists can be immensely helpful.


If clients have coaches, managers, or other trainers, they can also provide valuable insights into specific areas of concern during preparation and competition. Consistent communication with these individuals is crucial to ensure everyone is working towards the same goal. Collaborating with clients, trainers, and coaches can lead to the best possible results, encouraging more athletes to seek the services of Rapid Results Trainers.


Once relevant information has been gathered from various sources, it is essential to create a list of emotions and attitudes that the client wants to achieve during different stages of their sporting activities. This list will help establish measurable expectations for training sessions, and it's essential to set realistic and achievable goals, such as quantifiable improvements in the client's performance. It is also important to establish maximum time and financial commitments for training before commencing.


When working with sports professionals, it's essential to exercise caution and avoid making any comments about technical skill or tactics unless it is part of your role