Today, I'm going to teach you a powerful technique that can help your athletes turn anxiety into excitement.


First, it's important to understand that anxiety and excitement are closely related states. Physiologically, they are very similar. The main difference is how we interpret the sensations in our bodies.


Anxiety arises when we perceive a threat, while excitement arises when we perceive an opportunity. But often, these two states can feel very similar in the body.


So, the key to using this technique to shift from anxiety to excitement is to change the interpretation of those physical sensations.


Here's how you can do it:

First use The Focused Awareness Technique

Then, ask them to recall a time when they felt excited and energized - perhaps before a big game or performance. Have them vividly imagine that experience and recall the physical sensations associated with it.


Next, have them compare those sensations to the physical sensations of anxiety. Encourage them to notice any similarities and differences.


Finally, guide your athlete to intentionally shift their interpretation of the physical sensations from anxiety to excitement. Encourage them to tell themselves that those sensations are a sign of excitement and readiness to perform.


This technique can be very powerful for helping athletes shift from a state of anxiety to a state of excitement and confidence. With practice, they can learn to use this technique on their own, whenever they need it.


Remember, the key is to help your athletes become aware of their physical sensations and consciously choose how to interpret them. With this simple technique, you can help your athletes perform at their best, even under pressure.


By using this technique, I have assisted sports performers in understanding the similarities between the states of anxiety and excitement. An example I use to illustrate this is when a person is riding on the back of a fast-moving bike.


I have also successfully used the following metaphor Setting sail on the vast ocean of competition

First, use the Focus Awareness Technique

Imagine you're a skilled sailor setting sail on the vast ocean of competition. Anxiety is like turbulent waves crashing against your boat, threatening to capsize your dreams. But you are the captain of your ship, and you have the power to transform that anxiety into a strong gust of wind filling your sails with excitement.


As you harness this mighty wind, your heart races with anticipation, much like the flutter of a thousand butterflies taking flight. Embrace that feeling, for it is the very essence of excitement. The energy that once felt overwhelming now becomes a force that propels you forward with newfound determination.


Picture yourself standing at the helm, steering your ship with confidence. With each breath, inhale the anxiety and exhale it as exhilaration. Embrace the fact that you are on the brink of an extraordinary adventure, ready to conquer uncharted territories and achieve greatness.


Just as a rollercoaster ride fills your body with both fear and thrill, so does the journey of a sports enthusiast teem with nerves and excitement. Embrace this duality and welcome it as a sign that you are truly alive, fully immersed in the experience that lies ahead.