Overall, metaphors are strong indirect suggestions because they allow for abstract ideas to be conveyed in a more relatable and understandable way,

Change a negative into a positive with the following metaphor

First, I use The Focus of Awareness Technique

Then I procced with the following:

Imagine yourself walking into a magical library within your own mind. You notice a special shelf with your name on it. As you look to the left, you see a collection of books filled with positive aspects of your life, and to the right, books filled with negative aspects.


You take notice of a book on the right that's glowing with red energy, with a title that describes a negative aspect of your life that you want to change. You decide to remove the book from the shelf and take a moment to reflect on it.


As you hold the book, you notice a nearby river flowing outside the window. You visualize yourself throwing the book into the river, and watch it float away. As you turn back to the shelf, you notice that the space where the negative book once stood has been replaced by another book with empty pages.


You realize that this new book is a magical book that can automatically fill itself with positive attributes. You simply need to think about the positive attribute you want to replace the negative aspect with, and the book will magically write it on its own.


Filled with excitement, you think of the positive attribute and watch as the book fills itself with words of encouragement and inspiration. You now place the magical book back onto the shelf, alongside the other positive books.


With a sense of accomplishment and pride, you take a moment to reflect on your success in replacing the negative aspect with a positive attribute. You leave the magical library feeling empowered and confident, ready to tackle any challenge that comes your way.