This technique is designed to help you overcome negative behaviors such as procrastination and lack of motivation when it comes to training. However, it's important to note that you must truly want to change in order for this technique to be effective.


Step 1: Find Emotional Benefits


Before beginning the technique, it's important to identify the emotional benefits of making the desired change.

Ask your client to think about what it would mean to them to achieve your goal and how it would positively impact their life.


Step 2: Create an Associated Image

Use The Focused Awareness Technique

Now tell them…

Close your eyes and imagine a moment in your life that was truly exciting and inspiring. This image should be bright and panoramic, with as many details as possible Use all Visual, Auditory, Kinesthetic, Olfactory, and gustatory (these are called sub modalities) while indulging in the pleasure. Make it an associated image, seeing through your own eyes.


Step 3: Break the State

After a few minutes, break the state by diverting their attention. You could ask a simple question, like what is your phone number or change the topic of conversation.


Step 4: Create Dissociated Image

Once they're back in a neutral state Ask your client to get into a comfortable position and take three deep breaths.

Tell them…

Create a second image of yourself performing the action you currently struggle to feel motivated to do. This should be a dissociated image, like watching yourself on a TV screen.


Step 5: Merge the Images

Place the second image in front of the first image in your mind's eye. Imagine making a small hole in the center of the second image and allowing the positive feelings from the first image to flow through and envelop the second image.


Step 6: Seal the Positive Feelings

Once the second image is fully enveloped in positive feelings, seal up the small hole and retain the inspirational feelings in the second image.


Step 7: Repeat

Repeat steps 4-6 four times, taking three deep breaths between each repetition.


Step – 8 Test

In the coming days check how your client feels about their desired behavior.

They should feel better about the desired behavior and if not repeat the process, or make an audio recording


By using this technique, you can train your brain to replace negative thoughts and behaviors with positive ones. Remember to focus on the emotional benefits of making the desired change.