Hi, I'm Freddie Pateman, the designer of this program

Welcome to Rapid Results Training™: Your Journey to Peak Performance Begins Here!

Congratulations and a warm welcome to the Rapid Results Training™ family! We're thrilled to have you on board as we embark on an exhilarating journey towards unlocking the full potential of your personal training or coaching practice.

A Powerful Magnet for Success:

As you're well aware, selling services is an art of embracing the invisible. But fear not, with Rapid Results Training™, you now possess an extraordinary magnet that draws clients to your expertise. Our comprehensive program not only adds a tangible framework to your services but also sets you apart from the competition by delivering exactly what your clients crave – fast and transformative results.

Triple the Power, Triple the Results:

At the core of this exceptional program are three mighty techniques: Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), Educational Kinesiology/Brain Gym, and Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT). These powerful tools empower you to identify and conquer the mental, physical, and emotional barriers that may be holding your clients back from reaching their true potential.

Personalization for Unparalleled Impact:

We believe in the power of individuality, and that's why we advocate for a personalized approach. By blending a diverse array of techniques, you'll be able to customize your training sessions to cater to the unique needs and aspirations of each client. The result? Unparalleled impact and rapid results that surpass expectations.

Transform Lives, Ignite Greatness:

As you journey through Rapid Results Training™, you'll be equipped with the knowledge and expertise to help your clients shatter limiting beliefs, fuel their motivation, and sharpen their focus like never before. By unleashing their full potential, you become the catalyst for their remarkable transformations.

Join the Elite League:

With Rapid Results Training™, you're not just joining a course – you're entering the elite league of personal trainers and sports coaches who are dedicated to making a real difference in the lives of their clients. Embrace this opportunity to elevate your practice, revolutionize your clients' achievements, and set yourself apart as a true leader in your field.

Measuring Success:

To gauge success, employ the simple yet effective method of before-and-after assessments, assigning a score out of 10. Celebrating any progress is crucial, as it has the power to reshape people's belief in their ability to achieve. Remember, the more emotionally charged the celebration, the greater its impact.

Success, however, remains a highly individualized journey. Some individuals may encounter challenges that hinder their willingness or ability to change and improve. In such cases, it's wise to maintain the expectation of improvement while keeping discouragement at bay. Keep the focus on progress, and the path to success.

Embark on the Journey:

As you step into this transformative experience, prepare to witness incredible breakthroughs and the power of peak performance unfolding before your eyes. We are honored to be part of your journey, and we can't wait to see you achieve greatness with Rapid Results Training™.

Welcome aboard – your path to success starts now! Let's unleash the potential within and create a legacy of extraordinary achievements together. Here's to a future filled with boundless possibilities and unparalleled success!



NOTE:It is important to note that this is not therapy.

NLP, Coaching  EFT Tapping/Educational Kinesiology differ from therapy because they start with a belief the client is OK, well, and whole, and simply want some help moving from where they are now to where they would like to be.

If  you are ever unsure refer the client to a therapist

You need to keep your client details private

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