Gyms-Personal Trainers-Sports Coaches Business Growth “The Formula”

“Miracle or Mirror Call?”


Over 26,000 businesses are using a simple proven technique to grow their business, that creates repeatable results time after time💡


I have taken this basic formula and crafted and shaped it for *Highly Ambitious Fitness/Sports Business Owners* like you ✨


“The Formula” takes a scientific approach and breaks things down into simple manageable chunks


” Remember it’s not rocket science but it is a science”


Quite simply it's about taking a look at your present client attraction and refreshing it with the  ”The Formula” to realize your potential.


“Hence I call it  a Miracle or Mirror call?”





"Gyms-Personal Trainers-Sports Coaches Business Growth ‘The FORMULA"


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Before we jump in NOTE: I have included some examples below of how becoming a Rapid Results Trainer™ a 21-day online course that focuses on the *inner-mind game* that can super-power your client attraction, as this gives your clients what they desire & also productizes your training service.

For this purpose, it also serves as a demonstration of how to use "The Formula"

NOTE: You can use all the knowledge given without being a

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Okay, let’s break down "The Formula" One Page Blueprint…


I will start by asking how many ways do you think there are to grow your business?


You may be surprised to learn there are just 6 ways. Each one of these is what I call a ‘Success Key’ and each combines to create what I call ‘The FORMULA’…




You must use all 6 Success Keys to successfully grow your Fitness/Sports business.


If you do I guarantee your business will reach or at least get very close to its potential very quickly and then move on beyond.


I estimate that you are only using one or possibly two of these Success Keys (and these could be improved significantly).


Gyms- Personal Trainer- Sports Coach Business Growth “The Formula”™ is oblivious to how long your Fitness/Sports Business has been running or how skilled you are


All that matters is that you have an existing business, or are about to start one, and “The Formula” will work regardless


There are numerous proven strategies you can apply to massively improve each of these 6 key areas, and by combining the power of each one you can grow your Fitness/Sports Business to heights you never thought were possible.


Here they are…

The Formulas’ 6 simple components:

“T” Stands For Transform

Transform is what The Formula” does to your new and existing sales and marketing...



“T2” Stands For Tangible

This may be the most important thing you’ll ever read regarding The Secret To Getting More Clients



“L” Stands For Lead Generation

Leads are the lifeblood of your fitness or sports coaching business



“C” Means Conversion

Now you are getting your leads you need to convert them...




“M” means to maximize your profit

I’m going to tell you a story about a farmer in Africa in the early 1900s, that sold his farm and went to look for diamonds.



“S” Means Systemize and Automation

This leads us to the “S” of the formula, systemize, and automation.





As you can see The Formula is not rocket science, but it is a science. It has proven strategies that produce repeatable results time after time


Well, there you have it….


The 6 components of the formula and how they work together to quickly grow your fitness-sports coaching business.


The other good thing to realize is that growing your business can be done without costing a fortune


“I have taken “The Formula” as a basis, developed and specialized it for highly driven entrepreneurs, Like You, who want to grow their business”